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By Javone Vickerie As the different units of the joint services displayed promptness and safety during a simulated plane crash at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport yesterday, Minister of Public Works Robeson said that he was impressed with the response but that there is more work required.The Minister explained that the simulation exercise is a part of a certification for international airports.He added that this exercise takes place every two years.Fire fighters working to battle the blaze and assisting the injured during the simulation exercise.“Every six months there is a table top exercise, every year there is a partial exercise and every two years there is a mass causality exercise simulation which this exercise is about,Cheap Basketball Jerseys,” Benn said.He said that yesterday’s exercise is to ensure that the operatives at the airport and all the resources that are needed to be called upon during future worst case scenarios are able to respond rapidly enough with the proper knowledge and expertise.Benn also noted that suitable care to the injured and traumatized during an emergency landing must be one of key roles of all the emergency responders so as to reduce negative impacts.“There are incidents like the one at the LAX airport in Los Angeles. That is why we have these exercises because we have to meet certain international standards with respect to these issues,” the Minister said.He added that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 14 is the annex that relates to the said issue. Benn added that evaluators who were present during yesterday’s exercise were taking notes and shooting videos in order to assess the entirety of yesterday’s activity.This is still yet to be determined.Benn said that he was impressed by all the responders but pointed out that there are a few minor areas that need more work.Meanwhile,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health, Shamdeo Persaud,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys, said that in his opinion, the responders on the ground did “answer the call” and executed the task given excellently.He said that on hand were medical personnel from the Diamond Diagnostic Centre and the Georgetown Public Hospital along with a small team from the Timehri health centre.Persaud added that both representatives from Diamond and Georgetown Public Hospital established a care centre on the ground to look after the injured persons during the simulation exercise.He explained that Guyana Defence Force was on hand and established a triage centre – this is where injured persons are looked after before being handed over to the care centre.“I think it worked well with everybody being clear about their responsibilities and how they can contribute to such a crisis as this. Most times for health it’s the way how it is organized and the way how people are transported,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys,” Persaud said.The exercise which lasted over an hour saw responders from the Guyana Fire Service, the Guyana Defence Force,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, the Guyana Police Force,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Airport Security and the Guyana Red Cross among other entities.More than 100 employees from CJIA along with the responders staged the reenactment of an actual plane crash. Observers and members of the media were given a firsthand looked at what can be done during an emergency landing.

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