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標題: China Jerseys but this is reportedly minor [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1miR    時間: 2017-11-4 08:15     標題: China Jerseys but this is reportedly minor

The ongoing repairs to the Demerara Harbour Bridge have resulted in minor traffic congestion along the structure, especially in the late morning hours.The replacement of deck plates on the Demerara Harbour Bridge has resulted in minor traffic congestion in the late morning.Repairs to the bridge have become more and more frequent in the last few weeks,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, explained regular commuters. The constant restoration has caused some degree of apprehension as to the stability of the structure.“Is like every day it got a new hole dey gotta be welding. Then tomorrow come and is a next one,Cheap Jerseys,” one female commuter commented. The same individual continued to say that she wondered how long it would be before the entire structure just gave up.Despite these concerns,Nike NFL Jerseys China, a source at the Bridge explained that the constant welding work had to do with the deck plates. The same source explained that while Phase I and II of ‘Operation Transom’ had been completed,Wholesale Jerseys, there was still another phase which would be implemented later on in the year.The third phase of ‘Operation Transom’ would also involve repair work being done to the Western Retractor Span 10,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, but this is reportedly minor,Wholesale China Jerseys, when compared to phases one and two.  Another part of the ongoing repair work on the Bridge will concern the deck plates, which are presently being replaced on a daily basis. Despite this, the source wished to reassure the public that there was nothing wrong with the structure.At the same time, the source noted that pontoons which support the Bridge were also in good condition, after extensive repairs had been carried out on them.The Management of the Demerara Harbour Bridge has said that it will alert the general travelling public before it begins any other significant repairs which may affect their daily routines, in terms of crossing the Demerara River. (Rustom Seegopaul)

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