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A West Coast Demerara (WCD) man has reportedly fled to neighbouring Suriname after going berserk onMohamed is nursing chops wounds about his body and one to his head which required 35 stitchesChristmas day, viciously chopping two men and leaving them with severe injuries.Injured is Jamat Mohamed, 51,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, and his son Salim,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, 17,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, of lot 152 Meten-meer-Zorg who were hospitalized for days after receiving several stitches for wounds about their bodies and heads.The incident stemmed from a disputed game of cricket.This newspaper was reliably informed that on Christmas morning, Salim Mohamed was among several persons playing a game of soft ball cricket, while his father was among the spectators.According to Mohamed during the game his son ‘bowled out’ two players in the opposing team and this eventually led to an argument.Mohamed added that during the argument he tried to take his son home, when a 23-year-old spectator,Cheap Jerseys USA, who appeared to be friends with the players of the opposing team,Wholesale NFL Jerseys USA, came up and shouted,Cheap Jerseys, “yall want see what I can do?”Mohamed added that they turned away to leave when the 23-year-old man came up with a cutlass and started firing several chops on his son before turning to him.He further indicated that he used his bicycle as a “life savior” and tried to block the man as he fired the chops.“Some chops still catch meh. I back-to-back and then stump my toe and that is when he came and chop me on my head then run after meh son,” Mohamed told Kaieteur News.The victim added that his son was rescued by a neighbour who opened her gate for him to run into the yard.Both father and son were rushed to Leonora Cottage Hospital from where they were transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital to received further treatment.Salim Mohamed with his hand in a cast.The 51-year-old suffered the most attack; he is required to frequently check with the doctor since the chop wound to his head had some major effects on his brain which affected his ability to speak fluently.He recently underwent a massive surgery but is still in the same condition.The matter was reported at the Leonora Police Station on the day of the incident but no arrest was made.

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