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yueyrt1miR 發表於 2017-10-18 02:22 tie up an old man

Dem got a saying bout de smart fly. It does get ketch. Everybody know wheh. Dem got some thief man smart just like that fly. Dem deh in Berbice.No thief man or scamp does want lef a trace. But dem does always lef a trace. Is either dem lef items,[url=]Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey[/url], footprint, records or even clothes. Jagdeo lef some scamps behind him. Donald Duck tun one.De other day two of dem went to de back dam,[url=]Wholesale NFL China Jerseys[/url], tie up an old man,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping[/url], rob de place of all de valuables including de security camera.  De camp had so many things that dem couldn’t fetch so dem see a tractor and decide fuh thief that too. That is wha dem fetch dem stuff wid.Everybody know that two man can’t fetch a tractor and a tractor can’t move without leffing a trail. Fuh sure it don’t fly like de smart fly.De old man who dem tie up manage to loose heself and he call de police. Well dem boys hear that de police come and tek notes and seh that dem gun see if dem can find anything.Dem nutten like dem boss,[url=]Jerseys Cheap Wholesale[/url], See-all who don’t see nutten at all. De old man had to tell dem that dem ain’t got to go far to see. Just look under you nose; watch pun de ground and you gun see when de tractor gone. Leh we follow it.  De police smile and walk in de wheel track which lead dem into a yard.De thief man smart like Jagdeo, Brassington and Ashni that dem believe that covering de tractor wid a tarpaulin and some branch gun mek de tractor invisible.De police find de tractor plus all de things wha dem thief,[url=]China Jerseys Cheap[/url], including de DVR wid de video footage of de bandits demself.De only people not on de DVR according to de police was Jagdeo,[url=]Wholesale NFL Jerseys[/url], Brassington and Ashni.Talk half and dem boys ain’t saying nutten more.

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