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After claiming to be under intense scrutiny and facing possible transfer to another teaching district, John Adams, the Aishalton educator who was allegedly slapped by a member of the Presidential Guard, was voted by members of the Village Council,[url=]Discount Nike Air Force One Shoes[/url], to continue his residency in the Region Nine village.Adams had been criticized from sections of the village for publicising the alleged incident, with some members calling for his removal as a teacher and resident. The decision to allow Adams to continue living and teaching in the community came at an Aishalton Village Council meeting this past Sunday.Several weeks ago, Adams was at a People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) public meeting in the Region Nine village, where President Donald Ramotar addressed an open forum. During the rally, Adams was said to be openly questioning the policies of the President and his administration.Policies like that of the President’s prorogation of Parliament and the continued appointment of Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, after a serious threat against this publication were questioned by the residents.As the speech continued, Adams related that the Head of State was not addressing matters that directly affected Aishalton. He said that the President focused more on lambasting the parliamentary opposition and the independent news outlets,[url=]China Jerseys Cheap[/url], Stabroek News and Kaieteur News.After admitting to criticising the President’s speech, Adams said that he was singled out by rally organisers and later confronted by two members of the Presidential Guard. Adams claimed the men questioned him on whether he did in fact criticise the President’s remarks,[url=]Cheap Jerseys Outlet[/url], which resulted in one of the guards slapping him.Since the issue was sparked Adams related to Kaieteur News, that he has received support from other villagers and villages in the South Rupununi for his outspoken action at the PPP/C rally. According to Adams, he has even received calls from neighbouring Toshaos who shared his sentiments with regard to the President’s speech.In an interview with Herman Ritchie, an executive member of the Aishalton Parent-Teachers’ Association, he revealed that when the issue of Adams’ residency was raised, the majority of those present at the village council voted to allow the educator to continue his teaching position in the village.The decision was met with little opposition, notably from supporters of the PPP.“(At the council) the decision was made that John Adams should stay and carry on his work at the school,” said Ritchie.Ritchie further related that a motion was proposed in relation to what the village should do next,[url=][/url], about Adams’s slap allegations. He said that the public agreed that Adams should receive a formal apology from the Office of the President and the Presidential Guard.“People didn’t like what happened at the (PPP/C) meeting,” explained Ritchie,[url=][/url], “it was a public event and people should’ve been allowed to raise their concerns without threat.”Moreover,[url=]Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping[/url], this publication understands from Aishalton’s Toshao, Bernand Conrad that the topic of Adams’s residency was indeed formally voted on. However, the village did not officially vote on the next course of action with relation to Adams and the Presidential Guard.

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