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Cheap NFL Jerseys from the sky will come a great King of Terror…

-is the world really going to end? By Rehana Ashley AhamadIt is the first day of the year; the year when the world is supposed to come to an end. Is it true? Is the world truly going to end on December 31,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url], 2012?Many believe it will; many believe it won’t. The movie ‘Doomsday 2012’ has been quite convincing to its audience though. Then there is the circulation of the existence of a new prophet,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url], Nostradamus.Predictions of giant meteorites falling out of the skies were made.I bet you’ve seen the posters – Aerial views of major cities crushed by a variety of natural disasters, giant waves rushing over the highest peaks of the Himalayas,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys From China[/url], and the headline “We Were Warned” above an enormous number 2012 written in a silver font that is both metallic and stone-like at the same time.It all looks pretty exciting (who doesn’t get a vicarious thrill out of having a Godzilla’s eye-view of our civilization’s demise?), but what exactly is going on here? Well, 2012 is a flashy, big-budget disaster movie released November 13, 2009 where a small band of humans struggling to survive in the aftermath of an enormous global apocalypse. Will it happen, is out biggest question yet, especially as we approach the dreaded 2012.But come to think of it, – wasn’t the world supposed to come to an end in 2000? Aren’t we still alive and well?It is maybe like the old people says– world ends for you when you die. Everything we’ve heard so far is mere theories. No one really knows what will happen; then again, maybe they do, maybe they don’t.After the book of Nostradamus came to light, many believed it to be gospel; then of course came the critics who had “substantial proof” that readers had twisted the words.For example, he said-  “In the year of the new century and nine months, from the sky will come a great King of Terror… The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city…”“In the city of York there will be a great collapse, two twin brothers torn apart by chaos while the fortress falls the great leader will succumb. Third big war will begin when the big city is burning”“It has been foreseen that exactly three hundred and fifty years into the future, Silver phoenixes shall strike down the twin brothers of oppression That carried the king’s nation, which shall bring upon the apocalypse. In the City of God there will be a great thunder, two brothers torn apart by chaos”So, did Nostradamus predict the attacks against the Twin Towers in New York?Maybe,[url=]Wholesale Jerseys[/url], maybe not, – they were allegedly tweaked and twisted to somewhat match the event. Note-For example, the first one says “In the year of the new century and nine months,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched[/url],” but Nostradamus’ original quatrain reads, “In the year 1999 and seven months,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale[/url], from the skies shall come an alarming powerful king” (Century 10:72).Neither is there a mention of “twin brothers” being “torn apart.” The quatrain actually says, “Two royal brothers shall war so much one against the other” (Century 3:97).Finally, as for collapsing in the city of York and the sky burning, this is as close as he gets: “The heaven shall burn at five and forty degrees, the fire shall come near the great new city… when they shall make a trial of the Normans” (Century 6:97).Nostradamus never even mentioned the words “fortress” or “big war.”I recall my father telling me about a man who claimed he was a Hindu prophet. According to my father; he got a glimpse of the man whose palm poured sindoor (a red powder like substance that holds significant meanings in Hinduism).Let’s not forget the allegations made by Mandir attendees of the said red powder emanating from the Hindu idols.Bottom line for these is to quit worrying. No one really knows what will happen this year, or the next; or do they?Maybe these are some of the things we will never know unless- until, we witness them ourselves.Put your fears to rest knowing this and- Happy New Year!

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