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When ashes cold,[url=]nfl jerseys cheap[/url], dog does lie down. That is wha old people does seh. Some does seh that come see me and come live wid me is two different thing. Dem does also seh that when story old it more sweet. Well dem boys hear an old story de other night and while it sweet,[url=]Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap[/url], it really surprise nuff of dem.Couple years back dem ship a vehicle to Guyana and had problem clearing it. Dem go all over de place but de head Customs man decide to play it by de book. He dead,[url=]Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys[/url], suh dem boys can call he name—Forde.Then de people meet a young Customs officer who had big contact. This big contact alive and dem boys don’t want call he name because nobody ain’t gun come forward and testify. All dem can seh is that he use to wuk in a Ministry not far from de old railway station.This young Customs officer tell dem that he gun carry dem to meet this big official. These people walk wid half a million dollar which was nuff money back in de 1990s. This man tek de money. That is why to this day dem boys know that he was de king of corruption when he get de chance. That is why this man never send anybody to jail fuh corruption. He know that he was one and he never go to jail.And talking bout jail,[url=]NFL Jerseys China Cheap[/url], dem boys see that a big one in China in court fuh bribery and corruption. This man was a big thing in de party and at one time people even believe that coulda be a president. Wha dem boys don’t know is if he bribe somebody in Guyana. People now checking to see who and who been to China.Dem also checking to see if this man had connection wid some of dem projects in Guyana because of late Guyana get nuff Chinee project.Talk half and wait fuh de backlash

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