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A mother, who was told that she was carrying twins for nine months, is set to sue the Anamayah Memorial Hospital in Berbice after she was given one baby when she woke up from a Caesarean section performed on her at the hospital.Omawattie Samaroo, 37, of Lot 279 Number Two Village, Corentyne, Berbice said that she is sensing a cover-up at the private hospital which is located at Belvedere, also in Berbice.The mother believes that the only way forward is suing the medical institution since it has refused to answer her questions.At present,[url=]NFL Jerseys From China[/url], Samaroo is gathering the ultrasound results she did at the hospital and other information to present to her lawyer.For nine months, the woman said that she was informed that she was carrying two babies. She claimed that she had six ultrasounds done at the hospital and all showed that she was having two babies.“I have twins in my family. I have a lot of twins so when I heard that I was having twins, I wasn’t surprised at all,” Samaroo said, adding that,[url=]Jerseys NFL Wholesale[/url], “I feel all the kicking. When I lay on one side, I feel the kicking and when I turn,[url=]Authentic China NFL Jerseys[/url], the other one would start kick too.”She claimed that the last ultrasound she did at the hospital was on September 7, last. She was told that one of the babies is five and three- quarter pounds while the other one weighed five and a half pounds.“The doctor told me that one of the babies is lying cross way and the other one is at the bottom. He said that the one at the bottom I could have normal delivery and caesarean for the second baby but I will have to go through pain twice so I end up doing the caesarean section,” Samaroo stated.Samaroo said that she was admitted to the hospital on September 12,[url=]Cheap Jerseys USA[/url], last.“At 5’o clock three doctors come in the room with two nurses and they bring in two bundles of clothes for the babies. They give me an injection to sleep but I wasn’t fully knocked out. I remember hearing a baby crying and I ask the doctor if everything alright and he said ‘yes’.“And then they give me another injection. After that I don’t know what happened next because I fall asleep,” the woman recounted.She said the following day when she woke up, she saw one baby next to her.“I ask the nurse what happen to the other baby and she said that I only deliver one baby. And the doctor came and he said that there was a problem with the ultrasound and that I was carrying one baby not two,[url=]jerseys from china[/url],” the woman said.She explained that when she was visiting the clinic before she delivered her baby, the staffers at the hospital were polite and friendly to her but after delivery, they became hostile.“I delivered on Saturday and by Monday they discharge me. No one wanted to answer my questions. I only want my baby or at least some answers. I need to know what happened and I am certain I delivered two babies.”According to the devastated mother,[url=]Discount NFL Jerseys[/url], the baby girl that was handed to her weighed five and three-quarter pounds.“They said that the ultrasound machine gave a wrong reading but they give me my daughter correct weight. And if I only delivered one baby how it is that she is so small and I had a really big belly,” the worried mother stated.The woman explained that after she was discharged from the hospital, she did another ultrasound at another private clinic and was told that she indeed delivered two babies.“The doctor said that the only thing ultrasound does lie about is the sex of the baby,” Samaroo stated.Meanwhile, the hospital in its defence said that there was a misunderstanding with respect to the interpretation of the ultrasound.Kaieteur News was told that the situation is called a “mirror artifact” where the ultrasound shows a highly reflective image creating the illusion of a “ghost” twin.

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