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– Proceedings defined the spirit of Mrs. Janet JaganBy Neil Marks It is said that State funerals mark the official enshrinement of leaders in the pantheon of national heroes.Former President Mrs Janet Jagan certainly fits the criteria of a national heroine and many have wrestled with adjectives to adequately define her role in pre and post-colonial Guyana, according to those who paid tribute to her.Yesterday,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url], they quoted Khalil Gibran and Martin Carter to epitomise her work while seeking to unshackle her name from the vicious attacks she was made to endure over the years, especially when she ran, victoriously,[url=]NBA Jerseys China[/url], for the presidency in December 1997 and in the 20 months that she stayed in office.Many could not hold back tears over the woman who left United States of America at the age of 23 and spent the next 65 years fighting for freedoms that would lead to a better life for the exploited and vulnerable here, a foreign country.Joey Jagan sits between two guards on the truck bearing the casket of his mother’s body just before the cortege left Freedom House for Babu John.The funeral organised by the state for Mrs Jagan bore the resemblance of the personality of Mrs Jagan. There was the grandeur of the state ceremony, but with the quietude that she would have wanted.When there was news that she had requested that there be no public viewing of her body at death, it was clear that Mrs Jagan wanted to keep the ceremony as sedated as possible and so it was.After a private viewing of her body at her New Haven home in the cool of dawn, the casket bearing her body was draped with the flag of Guyana and placed in a hearse and slowly driven to Vlissengen Road, which runs between the Office of the President and Castellani House, the home of the National Art Gallery.As the national flag flew at half-mast, representing the second and final day of national mourning for Mrs Jagan, black buntings fluttered over at Castellani House.She was chairman of the management committee of the National Art Gallery from its inception in 1993, which said that she exercised her great knowledge and love of the arts with her characteristic modesty, determination and zeal. She preferred to play a limited role at public gallery events but instead generated ideas and opportunities for the promotion of visual art events as well as an appreciation of the wider arts.From the time the military parade took off,[url=]Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping[/url], the picture of a riderless horse with a pair of boots strung down its side proved a poignant reminder that Mrs Jagan was a “fallen soldier” having served for 20 months as Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Guyana.Cheddi ‘Joey” Jagan Jr., his daughter, Vrinda and son Cheddi Jagan III, and Minister Jennifer Westford at the Freedom House farewell for Mrs Jagan.The military procession then guided the hearse past Square of the Revolution into Brickdam, where it crossed beneath the Independence Arch, a symbol of the end of British colonial rule, which Mrs Jagan helped to fight for.The sounds of the military band through Brickdam brought out those in their homes and offices. The appearance of spirited horses mounted by uniformed men inspired some amount of awe.The family of Mrs Jagan followed the procession in buses.After a brief stop at the junction of Camp Street and Brickdam, to allow for the arrival of President Bharrat Jagdeo at Parliament Buildings, the ceremonial procession made its way for the official state ceremony for the speeches that served to chronicle the struggles of Mrs Jagan.Among those who spoke was the young Vrinda Jagan and she was proud to declare that along with her brother Cheddi Jagan Jr. 11,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys China[/url], she one year ago told her grandmother had joined the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and would ensure that the Jagan name live on in the PPP.After the ceremony at Parliament Buildings, Vrinda was with her brother over at Freedom House, the headquarters of the PPP for the party’s final farewell.By this time, the casket was transferred to a truck for the long trip to Babu John on the Corentyne Coast, where Mrs Jagan herself had helped to perform the last writes for her husband in March 1997.Even at Freedom House, where Mrs Jagan occupied an office since for 52 years,[url=]Cheap Jerseys Online[/url], the ceremony was short and solemn.As the party comrades raised their voices and hands for the party’s song “O fighting Men,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys co[/url],” a few loyalists helped to attach PPP flags to the casket.At the end of the song, the party’s General Secretary said they were saying farewell with much sorrow but with pride and thanked her for “a job well done.”No sooner had he uttered those words than the ceremonial procession headed off to Babu John for the cremation ceremony.And so while the state funeral possessed the trimmings of the military formalities, it was nevertheless devoid of much fuss and demonstrated the simplicity of Mrs Jagan.March will undoubtedly become a month for sober reflection on the life of Janet Jagan, as it is for her husband Cheddi.

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