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Chief Executive Officer of Gafoor’s Houston complex, Abdool Sattaur Gafoor, said that some persons feel that if they talk to the company today, that company will deliver its product or service the following day. However the businessman said things work differently in the world of business.Gafoor added that the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) seems to be thinking in this vein,[url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url], given the statements made by the top brass of the GFS, during the second fire at the company’s Houston Complex.The CEO said that his enterprise is currently in talks with a Trinidad company for the purchase and installation of a high end sprinkler system. However the CEO noted that the talks are still in their initial stages, as there are other components that need to be in place,[url=]NFL Jerseys China[/url], before the sprinkler system can be installed.“It takes up to five to six months before the things arrive. Therefore saying that the fire service talked to me already and it should be there, is not fair. That’s what the fire department did. What they (GFS) should do,[url=]Wholesale Jerseys[/url], is have the Sprinkler system) so that everybody could buy from them. Then they can say I talk to him about sprinkler system and he has not done anything,” Gafoor said.Gafoor emphasised that there is no law in Guyana that specifies that a building plan cannot be passed without having a sprinkler system. It is against this backdrop,[url=]Jerseys NFL Wholesale[/url], Gafoor said, that the Fire Chief has nothing to be guided by. Most large scale businesses might have fire prevention measures but not a sprinkler system.The CEO said that the cost for a sprinkler system for a 140×100 feet area is approximately US$80,000 just for the equipment. Then there is the separate cost for installation. Gafoor added that the replay system costs over $35 million.Another issue highlighted by Gafoor was the lack of competent personnel for the proper installation of the system. The CEO noted a letter featured in Kaieteur News on October 17, last, where Vishul Ishwaridin claimed he submitted quotes for the installation of a sprinkler system but was never paid.Gafoor said he never met with anyone locally to discuss the installation of the needed sprinkler system.Gafoor then asked the company’s Sales Manager, Premdat Narine,[url=]Wholesale NFL Jerseys[/url], who at first, denied ever meeting with Ishwaridin. Following pressure from the CEO, Narine revealed that he did meet with Ishwaridin regarding the sprinkler system.However Narine added that he never made any agreement in relation to payment for the quotation service. The CEO said that even if Ishwaridin was to be considered, his experience and competence would have to be taken in to consideration.“A lot of people come and offer a lot of (services). I have people who I gave jobs to do and when they finish you are screwed up. You get nothing out of it; you got to rip it out. Like right now, a person installed a telephone system in here (Gafoors Houston). The GT&T people come to install the instrument only to find out everything is wrong. I paid $3.4 million; now I got to rip it out back.” Gafoor said.During the second fire, Fire Chief,[url=]Wholesale Jerseys China[/url], Marlon Gentle said, based on what he saw suggests that there was not enough “diligence” in the area. “This fire should not have happened.”

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